LAMMP/BME Seminar Series

Friday 16th of November 2018
12:00 PM
Beckman Laser Institute Library

Label-free imaging for selective visualization of melanin subtypes in a rapid and nondestructive manner.

Alexander Fast, PhD
Research Fellow Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Coherent Raman microscopy is a mature technology that allows for visualizing chemical distributions based on their molecular properties alone. Recent findings on UV independent pathways to melanoma and the correlation between survival rate and skin pigmentation in a controlled experiment lead us to develop an all-optical configuration to selectively visualize and quantify melanins. From the cellular level to ex and in vivo model animals, we demonstrate the validity of our approach to retrieve small-molecule distributions as supported by immunohistochemistry and fluorescent labeling. Recent results on amelanotic melanoma samples from human ex vivo tissue sections brings us to the design and development of a clinical imaging system for the advancement of investigational dermatology. Considerations on the aspects of clinical translation of nonlinear optical imaging systems will be discussed.